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  • Exchange Features

    We created cryptocurrency exchange for all participants from beginners to experts.

  • Professional Interface

    We developed unique professional web trading terminal especially for cryptocurrencies.

  • The Best Liquidity

    Our own LEN technology provides unified liquidity from all cryptocurrencies exchanges.

  • T+0 Direct delivery

    You can withdraw coins after message about order execution instantly!

  • Security

    Aside from the best practicles we created TWO additional Technologies to ensure the best security.


means the ability to quickly buy or quickly sell an exchange instrument without loss of time or loss in price.

  • Investments

    The higher the liquidity, the bigger the investment attractiveness of the instrument.

  • No Slippage

    high liquidity is the ability to avoid large slippage

  • Expenses reduction

    The higher the market liquidity, the lower the expenses in buy/sell of every instrument.

  • Trust

    liquidity reflects the presence of a mass of people whose actions are much easier to predict than the actions of a single person.


is technology which collects supply and demand of cryptocurency exchanges from all over the world into unified order book.


See LEN in action
  • Liquidity is the most important property for every instrument. LEN is crucial technology of LiqNET.

    Tarasenko Evgeniy, CTO @LiqNET
    • Best liquidity

      Unified markets are always more liquid.

    • Security

      Funds are located in various places.

    • Cheap liqudity

      provides the opportunity to speed up the trading process.

    • Unique development

      In this time LEN has no analogues on current market of technologies.

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    The best practices

    We use the best experience in information security and industrial standarts to protect our services.

  • switch_camera


    We have two geo locations with physical hardware (France+Canada Datacenters). Each geo-cluster has 1+1 reserving intranet services.


  • done_all

    Background clearing

    Special service for non-stop exchange process. Made for background balances clearing and to find anomalies for security purposes.

  • attach_money

    Financial Allocation

    Capitals are separated and held in various locations (hot wallets, multisign addresses & cryptocurrency exchanges). Therefore it cannot be lost imediately.

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  • Interface

    We work hard to provide the best services.

    • public

      Web Terminal

    • personal_video


      LiqTrader, MetaStock, MetaTrader 5 are coming soon.

    • phone_iphone


      applications are coming soon.

    • keyboard


      API & Special language TradeScript are coming soon.

  • The professional trading platform

    We made it especially for cryptocurrency exchange, based on industrial brokerage matching engine.

    • touch_app

      Easy Trading

      Easy direct trading from financial chart.

    • trending_up

      Financial Chart

      All popular charting styles + professional Technical Analisys instruments are included.

    • settings_applications

      Scalping Trade

      All opportunities for scalping trade: post limit & stop orders right from order book.

    • thumb_up

      Custom Everything

      All components can be customized: from express trade panel to 100+ Technical Indicators.

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Order types

Our trading platform is professional and provides all classic and advanced tools in any terminal.

  • Market

    You can simply trade small volume for the best price.

  • Pending

    Classic form of exchange: bid or ask.

  • Stop order

    Trading after reaching the price you need.

  • Stop limit

    Pending action after price reaches fixed level.

  • TP & SL

    Use our interface to set up take profit and stop loss levels.

  • And much more

    Valid till [day/time], AON, IOC, FOK, iceberg settings.

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    How you can add your crypto to our exchange.

  • Services

    Special conditions for cryptocurrency services. We can help to integrate your service with our exchange.

  • Technology

    We have three unique technologies and ready to discuss the coloboration.