We’ve created the service that will help you
use any cryptocurrency as easy as your email.

One-click crypto payments, receipts, storage and conversion to fiat money.



Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dimecoin, XTRAcoin and more coming soon.



One-click conversion, and much more coming soon.

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Ex-Wallet Features


You can work with various cryptocurrencies in one wallet. All functions are adapted for all accepted coins.


Never let money keep you waiting. Sending cryptocurrency is instant, like email or text messaging.


We believe in intuitive design and excellent support - two things you don't find often in the cryptocurrency industry.


Send and request money with family and friends anywhere in the world — cryptocurrency is global.


Paying with cryptocurrency is more secure than using a credit card. Keeping your money safe is our top priority.


All of the money in your Ex-Wallet account is insured at no cost to you. We take every precaution to keep your money safe, but if something unfortunate happens, we’ve got you covered.

Ex-Wallet is part of new financial system.

This is a way to access and transfer your money from any device without any charges and delays of traditional banking.

This service will help you experience the control, ease, speed and cost-saving benefits of cryptocurrency. By helping to remove billions of dollars in fees and commissions charged by banks, credit cards and money transfer businesses, we are creating a more fair and equitable world.

Why Ex-Wallet?

Ex-Wallet is created for easy use of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a secure, global form of digital money. Brilliant minds developed and support it. People around the world use it. It provides a foundation for technologies that make money more powerful every day. The future of money begins with Bitcoin. The future of personal Bitcoin usage is Ex-Wallet.

Other cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency we are working with. You can easily use other types of cryptocurrency and invest in them.
Our service works on PC, MAC, TV, Playstation, XBox, tablets and mobile devices. Use your coins anywhere from any device!

Ex-Wallet fiat reference

Exchange fiat money to cryptocurrency with a few clicks! Use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as easy as a email.

Full USD support with deposit, withdraw and exchange.
Stable Money
You can exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat and back in few clicks. No trading experience is needed.
With Ex-Wallet you can easily invest to various cryptocurrencies. Control your coins, exchange it with one click!